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Thanks for checking out the site. Here I'm giving clothing/accessories a second life by recycling and reusing which reduces waste. My products are used items that I have purchased from garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, ect.. I then renovate or makeover these items and sell them to you. (except the hair pieces) they are newly made, however most are embellished with recycled jewelry and scrap materials. I also buy scrap costume jewelry, beads, embellishments, clothing, unused purses, suitcases, fabric, shiny things, unique pieces, ALMOST ANYTHING. I have a knack for making something out of nothing, so before you toss it, email me! Also if you are interested in purchasing any of my items pls email me or leave a comment. Thank You

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hair accents, I take custom orders! What colors would you like?

I handmake these hair accents, using fresh feathers and hair clips but the embellishments and beading are typically recycled materials

More Purses- Embellished and Handpainted


I added texture on side
I added the zipper danglings and heart pin, the back is same as the front but with no embellishments



Pearl finish for a soft simmery glow, colors all handpainted, i like to call this western sunset colors, Perfect for spring!

Handpainted Purse with sparkle detail




This original purse would be perfect for a lady gaga fan, I handpainted the picture on this green-tinted neutral metallic purse. short shoulder strap, back pocket.

old revamped briefcase, may be vintage



red interior

This old black briefcase was brought back to life when i added gold metallic tiger stripes to it, then added a glaze on top for a glossy finish 

Free hand bleach work

Using bleach i free handed the symbols and highlighted the seams on the back and down the legs. More bleach work pics of different items will be coming soon

sleek metallic stripes purse



painted metallic silver stripes on this purse, its genuwine leather, shoulder strap, divided middle inside

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Stuff Coming Soon

I'm currently working on an inventory stockpile! So come back later to view the new pics that will be posted!